Elite Plaza


The Elite Plaza Class A business complex towers over the city in Khorenatsi Street, only 300 meters off Republic Square. The business center was built in 2012 and is duly incorporated into the historical center of Yerevan.

Ideally fitting into the business network of the city, the complex rightfully pretends to become one of the memorable symbols of Armenia due to its unique architecture, technique and exterior.

Elite Group, a company that works towards developing various projects, led the design and construction of Elite Plaza Business Center. It has created a business center that is an ideal combination of prestige, austerity, and high rank. Thus, Elite Plaza fully complies with the requirements of the World Bank International Financial Corporation (WB/IFC) by the indicators of a Class A business center.

One of the advantages of the business center is the well-thought of and complete layout design with separate entrances into the shopping center and the office premises, which enables to minimize traffic in the office area. The underground parking lot, built to house 120 cars and having separate entrances from two parallel streets, is designed similarly. The total area of the business center is 24 000 square meters, and that of the office part is 11 000 square meters. The business center is equipped with the state-of-the-art engineering management systems, compliant with the standards of Class A buildings with a single management unit which enables a most effective management of the facility. The seismic stability of the building is 9 balls due to the application of the newest seismic stability systems, based on the use of rubber-metal pads. The state-of-the-art technique of the complex complies with the highest European demands, made to Class A buildings. The tower of Elite Plaza is equipped with an effective climate control system, heat screens, uninterrupted power supply from two independent sources, a contemporary security system and is one of the best facilities in Transcaucasia due to its engineering systems and equipment.

The main advantages of the business center are as follows:

  • Number of floors: 19 floors
  • 7 elevators, 2 of which are panoramic
  • First class location: in the business and commercial center of the capital, not far from the Central Bank building, next to Republic Square and park zones, and close to the main traffic arteries
  • Modern architectural and design solutions,
  • Interior and exterior decoration with high quality materials,
  • Panoramic glazing,
  • State-of-the-art engineering from leading foreign manufacturers,
  • A well-developed infrastructure,
  • A two-level underground parking for 120 cars,
  • Professional management within the facility.